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Selling an Information Technology Business in California

Companies in this industry provide services such as software support, computer systems design, and data processing facilities management. Worldwide spending on IT services is about $993 billion annually, according to Gartner. Information Technology Services are especially important and profitable in California due to the proximity of a large number of tech firms and startups in Silicon Valley.


Growth in this industry is strong, as companies move to offer more products or services online. First Research says this industry will continue to grow over the next decade. California does experience some competition from overseas companies who export these services, but focus on local services and niches can help mitigate this challenge. 

Future challenges in the industry involve the increasing demand for speed and environmental consciousness. Using renewable energy or purchasing energy credits can help address these concerns. Also, updating to new technology as it emerges, and being ready for changes brought about by virtual reality, augmented reality, and even 5G networks are essential. While large companies like Amazon win national contracts, focusing locally and on niches can solidify your position. Your company may be one of those, and now may be a great time to sell.

At Rogerson Business Services, we specialize in selling technology companies and IT services companies. Each offers unique challenges, and we bring our years of experience to bear with every single transaction. We can help you too!

Does selling an information technology business in California sound a bit complex? It can be, and that’s what we’re here for. Buyers must understand your industry, be qualified for financing, and have the expertise to maintain the level of customer service your clients have come to expect. We know how to handle the unexpected that can come with any transaction, and we’re here to help every step of the way.

Are you ready to sell your information technology company? The first step to successfully doing so is a business valuation, which helps you understand what your business is really worth. From there, we work with you to make sure your business is ready to sell. We’ll be with you every step of the way, from buyer inquiries to the escrow and closing process. We want to be your business broker!

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