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Get your Credit Report

There are many reasons to get your Credit Report. Your Credit Report can be critical when buying a business, buying a franchise or making application for an SBA loan. Or perhaps you plan to ask the seller to carry a Sellers Note as part of the finance? Or you may want to get approval for a lease from a landlord.

Before you go too far with any of the above steps, check your Credit Report to make sure the report is accurate and you have no mistakes or unknown errors. Do it now rather than wait until your ready to do something, run your Credit Report now to see if there is an error so you can take the time now to get it correct.

It’s also a good habit to check your Credit Report regularly to make sure your Credit is not being used by damaged by someone that has stolen your identity.

Free Credit Report

To help you check your report for free, visit Annual Credit Report or or use the link below. This is a free service if you only order one report from each credit report provider each year. That is, you can get a total of three free credit reports each year as long as you only order one report each year from each of the these credit reporting agencies.

Link to Annual Credit Report website.

Buy a business

If you find a business that’s of interest to you it will require completing and returning a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) or Confidentiality Agreement to me. If you would like some limited preliminary information before completing the NDA, please call me and I will provide detailed information once you have shown you are financially qualified and we have met and discussed the business in person.

To do this in the most time effective manner we have created a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA), (also called a Confidentiality Agreement) that needs to be completed, signed, and returned to us. This NDA can be emailed or faxed to you or click this link to download it now.

Available meeting places include my Sacramento office or a convenient location.

If you find a business of interest to you and you would like additional information, please call Andrew at (916) 570-2674 or email

More information

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If you find a business of interest to you and you would like additional information, please call Andrew at (916) 570-2674 or email



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