Selling a Wholesale Distribution Business California

Companies in the wholesale sector distribute nondurable or durable goods, typically specializing in a certain product category. While Amazon has a large stake in this industry, the rise of eCommerce of various types makes this kind of business still very desirable. In the US alone, this industry brings in nearly $7.8 trillion annually.


Revenue growth for the wholesale industry has been strong over the last decade compared to other businesses, and it will likely continue to follow that trend. Since many distributors finance their inventory, they can be sensitive to interest rates, so the current low rates are a good sign, making these businesses a desirable investment.

There are challenges in selling a distribution business. Profits can be influenced by energy prices, from power to oil prices for those companies who also operate their own fleet of vehicles. However, internet sales are strong, and this can be a great source of direct to consumer revenue for the right business. Now is a great time to own and sell a business in the wholesale industry sector.

No matter what your reason for selling your business in the California wholesale industry, we are here to help you make the process as smooth as possible. From the challenge of finding a buyer with the capital to make a difference to escrow, and closing, we’ll make sure the sale is structured correctly and the transfer to a new owner goes smoothly.

Selling a Wholesale Distribution Business in California

Are you selling a wholesale distribution business in California? Then Rogerson Business Services is the business broker for you. With years of experience selling businesses in this niche, we know what challenges you will face and how to overcome them. From doing a business valuation so you know what your business is really worth to the final handoff of the keys to a new owner, we’ll be here for you. We want to be your California business broker.

Selling a wholesale distribution business in California can be a bit tricky, but don’t worry. We have the experience selling this type of business to help you through every step of the process. We’ve done this before, and we can help you manage any of the difficult things you may have to navigate.

When selling a wholesale distribution business in California, often one of the keys is the negotiation of your lease before you even decide to sell if you don’t own the property your business is on. Will your landlord be willing to transfer the lease to a new owner? Will there be fees, and will that person need to go through a vetting and qualification process?  These are all great questions.

You can know the answers to those questions and more before you even start the selling process. But just as important is finding a buyer who is qualified, which means they need to be able to finance your business. This starts with a certified business valuation, the type that can be used by a lender, and with vetting the buyer to be sure they can obtain the financing they will need.

Does selling a wholesale distribution business in California sound complicated? It doesn’t have to be. At Rogerson Business services, we’re here to help. Contact us today! We help you get started on planning a successful exit.

If you have questions or would like more information about a specific industry sector, call us today at (916) 570-2674 or click the link on the right to contact us.

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