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Each Tuesday at 10.00am I was the host of Money 2.0 on radio station 105.5FM. The focus of the show is to interview business experts in a range of topics including selling a business, selling a medical practice, buying a business, buying a franchise and the responsibilities and challenges that come with owning and operating a business, or, as I like to say, where Wall Street meets Main Street.

Each show includes one or two guests and discusses in detail their field and/or industry of expertise.

I hope you enjoy and learn as much as possible from the show you select as its chock full of information and tips that does not date with time.

Graeme Plant and Donna Sauter

A conversation about Angel Investing and Tax Planning.
September 24, 2013 | 48 min.

The two guests for this show are Graeme Plant and Donna Sauter. Graeme works in the Mergers and Acquisitions market but has a passion and interest in Angel Investing. Donna is a CPA with Ueltzen and Co. and specializes in tax issues for business owners and has some suggestions for business owners on doing some tax planning for 2014. The conversation with Donna Sauter starts about 28 minutes into the show.

Ney Grant and Mark Denning

A conversation about selling a business with annual net income of $1,000,000 + and Mark Denning’s book.
September 17, 2013 | 48 min.

The two guests for this show are Ney Grant and Mark Denning. Ney is a Mergers and Acquisition specialist that focuses on bringing business sellers together with a buyer and the company being sold has an annual net income of at least $1,000,000.
Mark has been incredibly successful as a CFO and has written a book called ‘Drive Your Business to Financial Success’ which is about the criticality of understanding cash flow for a business. The conversation with Mark Denning starts about 28 minutes into the show.

Mike Ueltzen and Bret Rossi

A conversation about how business owners can protect their assets and attorney Bret Rossi.
September 10, 2013 | 48 min.

The two guests for this show are Mark Denning and Bret Rossi. Mike is a Partner in Ueltzen and Company and specializes in Forensic Accounting. Bret Rossi is a Certified Bankruptcy Attorney and uses his legal skills to help prevent clients file for bankruptcy or if this is their best option, get through the process as easily and quickly as possible. The conversation with Bret Rossi starts about 28 minutes into the show.

Reg Carter and Terry Flanagan

A conversation about the Marketing Makeover competition and medical practice valuations.
September 03, 2013 | 48 min.

The two guests for this show are Reg Carter and Terry Flanagan.
Reg is a partner in Carter/Sartain and specializes in marketing, PR and advertising for businesses. He’s part of a group offering a Marketing Makeover for free worth $40,000 in marketing and advertising for a small business. Terry is the owner of Circumference Valuations and part of Medical Practice Brokers. Terry specializes in doing business valuations as well as the specialized valuations of different types of medical practices. The conversation with Terry Flanagan starts about 28 minutes into the show.

Kevin Whelan and Hal Johnson

A conversation Receiverships with Chapter 11 bankruptcy and Hal Johnson’s new book.
August 27, 2013 | 48 min.

The two guests for this show are Kevin Whelan and Hal Johnson. Kevin is the President and CFO of the Beverly Group and helps with Receivership issues in Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Hal Johnson is with LeadershipOne in Sacramento and has just written and released a new book called The Game Changer which is about a One-on-One Meeting system he uses to mentor and coach his clients. The conversation with Hal Johnson starts about 28 minutes into the show.

Paul Martin and Michelle Elder

A conversation about Cutting the Red Tape for California businesses and Tax & Accounting advice from a CPA.
August 20, 2013 | 48 min.

The guests for this show are Paul Martin who works for the State of California in the Go Biz department and specializes in cutting red tape for California businesses and Michelle Elder who is a CPA. Michelle talks about her 30 plus years of accounting and tax experiences and provides some great tips on how a business owner can do things better. The conversation with Michelle Elder starts about 28 minutes into the show.

Steve Zeller and Chuck Ashman

A conversation with a Private Wealth Manager and CEO leadership.
August 13, 2013 | 48 min.

The two guests for this show are Steve Zeller and Chuck Ashman. Steve is a co-owner of Zeller/Kern which is a Private Wealth Management company and obviously helps his clients with their personal investment decisions. The conversation with Chuck Ashman starts about 28 minutes into the show.

Mark Robinson

A conversation with a Commercial Real Estate Agent leasing space to the entertainment industry.
August 06, 2013 | 48 min.

Mark Robinson is a Commercial Real Estate Agent with Wakefield and Cushman and helps tenants across the US with their commercial real estate needs. Mark has a specialization which is in the entertainment and movie industry and particularly the geographies of Los Angeles and New York. Mark provides some great advice for tenants looking to lease office space and more.

Angela Schrimp and Robby Ricks

A conversation about managing business risks and Fast Signs.
July 30 2013 | 48 min.

The guests for this show are Angela Schrimp and Robby Ricks. Angela is an attorney and her area of law is business transactions, leases and other related areas to help business owners. Robby Ricks is a local franchisee with Fast Signs and not only knocks out signs quickly for his customers but has great success using Social Media as part of his marketing tools. The conversation with Robby Ricks starts about 28 minutes into the show.

Eric Anderton and Linda Bigler

A conversation with a business trainer & keynote speaker and a Business Coach.
July 23 2013 | 48 min.

The two guests for this show are Eric Anderton and Linda Bigler. Eric is the CEO of the ABC Group and is a keynote speaker, trainer and consultant while Linda is a business coach that works one on one with business owners or CEO’s to define their goals, put a strategy in place to help them meet their goals and then holds them accountable to get there. The conversation with Linda Bigler starts about 28 minutes into the show.

Andrew Rogerson & Dell Richards and Mark Siebert

A conversation about selling a business and how to franchise your business concept.
July 16 2013 | 48 min.

The guests for this show are Andrew Rogerson & Dell Richards and Mark Siebert. Andrew Rogerson & Dell Richards will be talking about the steps to buy a franchise. Mark Siebert is the CEO of the iFranchise group and will talk about the steps to take a business concept and how to make it into a franchise. The conversation with Mark Siebert starts about 28 minutes into the show.

Rex Berry and Rick Shampaine

A conversation about employment laws and the Big Frog T-Shirt franchise.
July 09 2013 | 48 min.

Rex Berry and Rick Shampaine are the guests for this show. Rex is an attorney whose specialty includes representing business owners in all facets of business and employment law. Rick is an attorney and real estate agent and also responsible for the development of the Big Frog T-Shirt franchise. The conversation with Rick Shampaine starts about 28 minutes into the show.

Fred Hall and Lisa Miller

A conversation with a certified business appraiser and Lady Bug Pest Control.
July 02 2013 | 48 min.

The guests for this show are Fred Hall and Lisa Miller. Fred is the CEO of Amador Appraisals and Acquisitions and specializes in business valuations for divorce, SBA loans, IRS valuations and minority share owner appraisals. Lisa is the Franchise Developer with Lady Bug Pest Control that specializes in killing bugs and pests but in the process look after the environment. The conversation with Lisa Miller starts about 28 minutes into the show.

Brian Sharp and Lenny Verkhoglaz

A conversation with Brian Sharp and PresenterBox and the Executive Care franchise.
June 25 2013 | 48 min.

The two guests for this show are Brian Sharp and Lenny Verkhoglaz. Brian is the CEO of the Go Big Company and he’s just launched a new marketing tool to help business owners attract more business. Lenny is the CEO of Executive Care which is a franchise that recognizes each family is unique and needs qualified and dependable caregivers to preserve the independence and dignity of their loved-ones. The conversation with Lenny Verkhoglaz starts about 28 minutes into the show.

Carolyn Durkee and Karl Palachuk

A conversation about WEAVE and the moving industry and relax, focus and succeed.
June 18 2013 | 48 min.

The two guests for this show are Carolyn Durkee and Karl Palachuk. Carolyn is the Marketing Manager for Two Men and a Truck franchise in Sacramento and they just helped the local charity, WEAVE with some great support. Karl is the CEO of America’s Tech Support but he’s also the author of ‘Relax, Focus and Succeed.’ Using his extensive technology training, experience and discipline, Karl talks about how he approaches his personal and business life to maximize but not overwhelm him. The conversation with Karl Palachuk starts about 28 minutes into the show.

Jake Goldman – 10up.com and Bill Angove

A conversation about the power of WordPress websites and 1031 Exchange Plans.
June 11 2013 | 48 min.

The first guest for this show is Jake Goldman from 10up.com. 10up.com is a distributive website development company that specializes in unique and powerful websites for high end client needs. My second guest will be Bill Angove who is the CA Division Manager for Asset Preservation, Inc and specializes in helping clients defer capital gains tax using a 1031 Exchange Plan. The conversation with Bill Angove starts about 28 minutes into the show.

Valerie Mamone-Werder – Downtown Sacramento Partnership and Dell Richards

A conversation about the Downtown Sacramento Partnership and using Public Relations.
June 04 2013 | 48 min.

Today’s first guest is Valerie Mamone-Werder from Downtown Sacramento Partnership. They are sponsoring a project with prizes up to $135,000 including free rent for a 12 months for a new business owner and is encouraging new entrepreneurs to start their own business. My second guest will be Dell Richards from Dell Richards Publicity who talks about how PR ties together the different components of a successful marketing program. The conversation with Dell Richards starts about 28 minutes into the show.

Kasey Cotulla and RJ Cicchetti

A conversation about Delta Web Printing, River City Printers and Massage Heights.
June 04 2013 | 48 min.

Kasey Cotulla from River City Printers is the first guest. Kasey and his partner, Jim Davis own Delta Web Printing in West Sacramento, River City Printers in Rancho Cordova and recently acquired another print business in Roseville called Paul Baker Printing. Their business is growing. Listen to find out how. My second guest is RJ Cicchetti from Massage Heights in Roseville and he will be talking about their franchise concept and the role of a franchise Area Developer that grows and supports their franchisees. The conversation with RJ Cicchetti starts about 28 minutes into the show.

Brent Smith – SEDCorp and Curtis Kroeker – Co Star Group

A conversation about support for small businesses and the commercial real estate market.
May 21 2013 | 48 min.

The first guest is Brent Smith from SEDCorp in Auburn. SEDCorp offers support to small businesses including small business loans. My second guest will be Curtis Kroeker from Co Star Group who specialize in websites to help sell commercial real estate and businesses for sale and therefore know the trends in the local, regional and national markets. The conversation with Curt Kroeker starts about 28 minutes into the show.

Ron Crane – DCA Partners and Elza Gennicks

A conversation about DCA Parnters and Elza Gennicks and his franchise concepts.
May 14 2013 | 48 min.

The first guest for this show is Ron Crane from DCA Partners. DCA Partners are based in Roseville, CA and focus on Advisory services to owners, Mergers and Acquisitions or M&A and Private Equity. My second guest will be Elza Gennicks who is from a national sales franchise development company marketing three concepts. Elza will talk about these franchise concepts he represents and who they would appeal. The conversation with Elza Gennicks starts about 28 minutes into the show.

Jim Pelley & Adam Frick – Ulink Network and Neal Weiss – Rhino 7

A conversation about Ulink Network and the Rhino 7 franchise concepts.
May 07 2013 | 48 min.

My first guests for this show are Jim Pelley and Adam Frick who joined forces to create Ulink Network, a multi chapter organization for networkers that is like combining Linkedin and technology and putting it on steroids. Jim and Adam talk about how they started their networking group in 2010 and how they are now moving it into growth mode. My second guest will be Neal Weiss from Rhino 7 which is a national franchise development company. Neal will talk about the franchise concepts he represents and who they would appeal. The conversation with Neal Weiss starts about 28 minutes into the show.

Monty Walker – Walker Advisory Services

A conversation about using retirement plan funds to buy a business and tax strategies.
Apr 30 2013 | 48 min.

Monty is a CPA but specializes as a “Business Transaction CPA,” that is, CPA areas of expertise that involve a business changing hands. In my conversation with Monty we discuss two of these areas. The first area is as a plan administrator for those that wish to rollover their retirement funds such as a 401k plan or IRA and use it to buy a business or franchise. Monty also specializes in tax structuring to help a seller and buyer come together on an effective purchase price allocation so the taxes are dealt with fairly for both parties.

Rich Frank – Edward Jones

A conversation about financial planning for a small business owner.
Apr 23 2013 | 48 min.

Rich is a Financial Advisor with Edward Jones and specializes in principled financial investing through a close personal relationship to achieve agreed goals for their customers. In other words, he likes helping people invest but do it the right way.

Tom Miller – Murphy Business and Financial

A conversation about what to look for when buying a franchise.
Apr 16 2013 | 48 min.

Tom loves franchising. He’s been in the franchise industry as long as Moses has been in short pants; which is a long time. Tom is the Executive Vice President with Murphy Business and Financial and specializes in reviewing franchise models and recommending whether or not they are of a high enough standard for the Murphy Business and Financial brokers to offer to their franchise buyers.

Kevin Knauss – Health Insurance Expert

A conversation about health insurance and small businesses.
Apr 09 2013 | 48 min.

Kevin is a health insurance expert and advises on what’s happening in the health insurance market and how it affects an individual, families and small businesses. For more information visit www.insuremekevin.com

Karen Rice – Constant Contact

A conversation about staying in touch with customers to get more business.
Apr 02 2013 | 48 min.

Karen is the Regional Director of Constant Contact which provides the tools and services for business owners to easily and effectively stay in touch with their customers.

Andrew Rogerson – Rogerson Business Services

A conversation about the many steps to successfully sell a business.
Mar 26 2013 | 48 min.

At the last minute, my guest for the show was unable to make it. As a result, I used the opportunity to talk about selling a business as it involves more steps than almost all sellers realize.

Jason Lucash – OrigAudio

A conversation about OrigAudio and its immediate path to success.
Mar 19 2013 | 48 min.

Jason Lucash is a partner with Mike Szymczak in OrigAudio, a company they started in August 2009 that specializes in music portability products. Their success was immediate as they won Time Magazine’s “50 Best Inventions of 2009”, were then part of the ABC hit start-up business show “Shark Tank and Entrepreneur Magazine’s “Entrepreneurs of the Year” for 2012. Jason has a great entrepreneur story so listen and learn from a winner.

Bob Greeley – Greeley Asset Services, LLC

A conversation about turning around a struggling business.
Mar 12 2013 | 48 min.

Bob is the Sacramento Chair of The Turnaround Management Association. He specializes in working with the owner of a business in distress, a court ordered receiver or administrator to put a plan together and then execute it and put the business back into profitability as quickly as possible. He also loves to help grow a business.

Lisa Decker – Fidelity National Title

A conversation about the Commercial escrow process.
Mar 05 2013 | 42 min.

Lisa is a Commercial Escrow Officer and gets to make sure a business seller and buyer successfully close the sale. As Lisa explains, the escrow company is a neutral third party whose role is to make sure all parties are protected and their are no problems after the business closes escrow. Hear from Lisa as she explains how she helps both sellers and buyers successfully close their transaction.

Stephanie Chandler – Online marketing expert

A conversation about “Owning your niche.”
Feb 26 2013 | 48 min.

Stephanie is the author of 8 books. The focus of her books are all about sales and marketing techniques for business to create solid foundations and then build and grow their market share. Stephanie’s current book is about “Owning your niche.” Listen to our conversation so you too can claim and own your niche in your business.

Kelley Cheney – SBA lender with Plumas Bank

A conversation about SBA lending
Feb 12 2013 | 48 min.

Kelley Cheney is an SBA loan officer with Plumas Bank. In this interview we discuss the ins and outs of the SBA application and approval process. We also discuss which banks are lending to small business. Lastly, we explain what being “buyer-ready” means. In all, there’s lots to hear!

Mon Hart – The Marketing Coach

A conversation about Marketing techniques to grow your business.
Feb 05 2013 | 48 min.

Mon Hart is a marketing coach and specialist. In this interview we discuss how to get more customers and referrals, what is networking and prospecting, why a business and marketing plan is critical for success and other marketing topics to grow a business.Kelley Cheney is an SBA loan officer with Plumas Bank. In this interview we discuss the ins and outs of the SBA application and approval process. We also discuss which banks are lending to small business. Lastly, we explain what being “buyer-ready” means. In all, there’s lots to hear!



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