Seven Steps to Valuing Your Business

Thanks for your interest in our FREE Seven Steps to Valuing Your Business Program! We want to give you some valuable tools in the very first step to getting ready to sell your business: determining what it’s worth.

Without a program like this, many business owners struggle to know the market value of their business. They either overvalue it based on what they think (or hope) it is worth, or they undervalue it, not understanding what assets the business has and their real value.

That’s where this program comes in.

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What do you get?

  • A spreadsheet in Excel Format to help guide you through the business valuation process, and even to do some of the calculations for you.
  • An introductory email that will explain business valuation and the process.
  • A worksheet to help you determine your Seller’s Discretionary Earnings, or SDE.
  • A series of emails about different business valuation approaches, including the Asset Approach, the Market Approach, two Income Approach methods, and finally an overall value for your business.

You’ll get seven emails over the next couple of weeks with some time allowed between each for you to complete the steps you have been given so far.

Who is this program for?

This program is for any small to medium business owner who is either ready to sell their business, or wants to know what their business is worth, and the various steps they might need to do to get their business ready to sell.

Who is this program NOT for?

This program is not for solopreneurs or businesses that earn less than $500K a year. If your business does not have positive cashflow, the only business valuation approach you can use is the Asset Approach. So the other steps in the program might not be that helpful to you at this time.
It is also not for someone who is looking to get a business loan, at least not unless you just want to get a general idea of what your business is worth. This will not give you the full business valuation you will need for a lender or to help you face any legal action. That appraisal will need to be performed by a licensed appraiser in a specific format.

What can you do with the results of this business valuation?

The purpose of this business valuation is for educational purposes only. It gives you some insight into how the business valuation process works and can give you a general idea of what your business is worth. Any other use is not endorsed or recommended by the creator of this program.
Why? Because there are nuances to business valuations that must be handled by an appraiser, and any estimated business value you get from this program is not designed to meet those standards. If you take this information and use it in any way other than the educational purpose it is intended to fulfill, the creator of this program is not responsible for the consequences, whether they are legal, actual or perceived costs, selling a business for less than it is worth, or any other resulting legal, fiscal, or physical loss.

The First Step in Selling a Business

The first step in selling a business is determining its value.  This program will help you determine if your business is ready to sell. One of the most important things in successfully selling a business is having both a motivated buyer and a motivated seller. Knowing your business value can help make you that motivated seller.

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