Selling a Telecommunications Business in California

The telecommunications industry is experiencing growth and challenges at the same time. With more people working remotely and even working from home, the industry has experienced growth, and opportunities abound. Does that growth mean profit? As companies invest in more and newer tech, profits may be temporarily produced. Overall the industry is poised for continued long term growth.


How much growth can be expected? The telecommunications industry grows close to 30-45% annually according to First Research. Growth in the first half of this year is closer to 60%. Companies that are positioned to take advantage of this spike have tremendous market value. Now may be a great time to sell your California Telecommunications company. 

Future challenges in the industry involve the increasing demand for speed and environmental consciousness. The emerging technology of 5G is causing a disruption in customer perception and demand, and increased decentralization of workspaces means demand for better rural services as well. If your company is one of those who helps resolve these pain points, now is a great time to explore a profitable exit plan.

At Rogerson Business Services, we specialize in selling technology companies and those in the telecommunications industry. California is a great place to run this type of business, and sharing those unique benefits with your buyer can help you sell your business. We bring our years of experience to bear on every single transaction, and we’ll help you every step of the way.

Does selling telecommunications business in California sound a bit complex? It can be, and that’s what we’re here for. Buyers must understand your industry, be qualified for financing, and have the expertise to maintain the level of customer service your clients have come to expect. We know how to handle the unexpected that can come with any transaction, and we’re proud to work through them with you.

Are you ready to sell your information technology company? The first step to successfully doing so is a business valuation, which helps you understand what your business is really worth. From there, we work with you to make sure your business is ready to sell. We’ll be with you every step of the way, from buyer inquiries to the escrow and closing process. We want to be your business broker!

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    Buying or selling a business is a complex process – and you shouldn’t go through it alone. You need an experienced business broker to guide you through the process.

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