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10 Things for Every California Business Owner to Consider Due to COVID 19

Every business owner has been affected in one way or another by COVID 19. However, the key is what to do about it. From employee, client, and customer safety to financial struggles and concerns, there are things you can do to protect yourself and your business. Here are ten things every California business owner should […]

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How Has the Coronavirus Affected the Value of my California Business?

Owning a California business has always been both desirable and different. Areas of great year-round weather and a laid back lifestyle have appealed to California entrepreneurs for decades. So has the potential for income, as were the state its own country, it would be the sixth-largest economy in the world. It was also one of […]

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California Business Services and Social Distancing

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses in California are struggling with understanding which businesses are essential and which ones are not. While some cleaning services are considered to be essential, there have been debates about everything from landscaping to tree services. At the same time, since many businesses have closed, for the time being, […]

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Downtown Sacramento Partnership

The Downtown Sacramento Partnership is a private, non-profit organization dedicated to the improvement of Sacramento’s central business district. The Downtown Sacramento Partnership oversees maintenance, safety, and revitalization programs financed by the Downtown Sacramento Management District, a property assessment district established in 1995 and renewed in 2000. Valerie Mamone-Werder is the Business Recruitment Manager for the Downtown […]

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Do You Need a Business Valuation for an SBA Loan?

Getting an SBA loan hasn’t always been an easy task and some recent changes have been to require a business valuation in order for the loan to be approved. An SBA lender cannot provide this service, but a third part like a business broker can. The benefits of an SBA loan and reasons for hiring a business broker to help are outlined in this article.

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Selling a business starts with a business valuation

When trying to sell your business, getting an appraisal is beneficial for a number of reasons. Understanding what assets are part of the sale, removing any personal items that aren’t for sale and deciding the worth of your business with a professional ensures success when trying to sell your business. This article outlines the benefits of an appraisal and why it is critical when selling your business.



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