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Andrew Rogerson is a 5-time successful business owner, Lifetime Certified Business Broker (LCBB), Certified Business Intermediary (CBI), Certified Mergers & Acquisition Professional (CM&AP), Mergers & Acquisition Master Intermediary (M&AMI), Expert Equipment Certified Appraiser (EECA), and author of 4 books. Andrew gives speaking presentations on request. Andrew helps business owners plan, value and execute selling or buying a business in California with the California Dept of Real Estate.

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Buying and Selling a Business With Real Estate: Understanding the Importance of EINs

Are you planning to buy or sell a business in California? If so, obtaining an Employer Identification Number (EIN) is crucial. Without it, you may face legal and financial hurdles. To ensure a smooth process, a deep dive into operational and financial activities is necessary. Trust me, taking these steps will save you time and […]

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Preparing Your HVAC Fleet for Sale: Maintenance | Deal Structure

Preparing Your CA HVAC Fleet for Sale | Valuation & Deal Strategy | Seller Financing Options Get the most for your HVAC fleet and explore creative deal structures. CA broker specializing in maximizing vehicle value and navigating sales. Your trucks and vans are more than just transportation – they’re rolling billboards and crucial components of […]

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HVAC Company Valuation: Unlock Customer List Value For Sellers

California HVAC Company Valuation: What’s Your Customer List Worth? Unlock the hidden value of your client relationships. CA broker tips on factors that impact the price tag of your HVAC customer list. HVAC businesses in California aren’t just about fixing AC units; they’re about relationships. Your customer list represents years of hard work, trust, and […]

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Employee Bonus on Sale of Company: HVAC Focus in California

Retention Bonus When a Company is Sold | California Broker Strategies for the HVAC Industry. Selling your California HVAC business? Retain top talent for a smoother sale and higher valuation. Expert tips for open communication and incentives. Selling your HVAC company involves way more than just the financials. Your talented technicians, dispatchers, and office team […]

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Due Diligence for Sale of HVAC Business: Buyers Will Scrutinize

Due Diligence Checklist for Sale Of Business | Pre-Sale HVAV Biz Prep for a Faster Close Early Insight Reports, Title Checks, and more. CA broker streamlines your HVAC business sale – less stress, and better results. As an HVAC business broker in California, I’ve witnessed successful sales where both buyer and seller walk away happy, […]

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CA Bulk Sale Trick Saves Clients Big: Lawyer Hates This!

Bulk sale real estate secrets in California businesses!  Avoid escrow hassle, save money, and close faster with Bulk Sales. Expert Andrew Rogerson guides you. Let’s dive in.  Ditch the Escrow Blues, California! Andrew Rogerson Shows You the “Bulk Sale Secret” to Save Thousands (Selling Your Business & Real Estate). Ah, California sunshine, beachy bliss, and […]

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Commercial Real Estate Due Diligence Checklist: Bulk Sale Exit

Ditch the California Bulk Sale Escrow Maze! Rogerson Business Services navigates regulations and ensures smooth exit for California businesses and commercial real estate. Let’s dive in with the ultimate commercial real estate and due diligence checklist.   Selling your business with commercial real estate can be a complex process, especially in California with its bulk sale […]

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Fast-Track Sale of Commercial Property and Business in California : Unlock Value

Are you a business owner in California, contemplating the sale of your commercial property and business? We specialize in expedited transactions in the lower middle market, ensuring a swift and lucrative sale for you. Discover the key steps to say, “I want to sell my commercial property fast,” and let’s embark on this journey together. […]

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The Secret Sauce to Selling Big: How Multiple of Earnings Valuation Makes It Happen

Unlock the emotional journey of selling your business successfully with earnings multiples. Learn how these powerful numbers can pave the way to financial fulfillment and emotional satisfaction. Selling your Business Can Be an Emotional Rollercoaster  It’s not just a financial transaction; it’s the culmination of years, sometimes decades, of hard work, dedication, and dreams. You […]

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Secrets of Successful Negotiations: The Profit Multiple Valuation Advantage

Unlock the secret to successful business negotiations! Discover the emotional journey of leveraging profit multiple valuations in California. Your guide to securing the deal of a lifetime. Welcome to the thrilling world of business negotiations. I’m your guide, an experienced M&A Advisor specializing in California businesses with annual revenue from $2,000,000 and above. Today, we’re […]

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Strategize Your Business Sale: Get the Scoop on EBITDA Multiples by Industry

In this article, we’re going to show you how to master the art of business valuation focusing on EBITDA multiples by industry. Hello to all my fellow business owners in California’s dynamic market! If you’re thinking about selling your business and ensuring a prosperous retirement, this article is tailor-made for you.  I’m Andrew Rogerson, a […]

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When and How to Sell Your Industrial Services Business With Zero Regrets

Are you a business owner considering selling your company in California?  When considering selling your business, it is crucial to remember several key factors recommended by Rogerson Business Services. Selling your business can be a lengthy process, taking up to six to eight months. Therefore, it is imperative to maintain your drive and concentrate on […]

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The Art of Using Valuation Multiples: A Strategic Approach for Business Owners

In the world of business, understanding the value of your company in California is crucial. Whether you’re looking to attract investors, sell your business, or make strategic decisions, knowing how to use valuation multiples can be a game-changer.  Valuation multiples provide a simple yet effective way to assess the worth of a business by comparing […]

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Navigating Market Multiples: How to Use Industry Averages to Evaluate Business Performance

As a business owner or investor, evaluating the performance of your company or potential investment is crucial in making informed decisions. One commonly used tool in this process is market multiples, which compare a company’s financial metrics to industry averages. However, navigating market multiples can be challenging, especially for those not familiar with finance jargon. […]

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The Market Approach Valuation Formula: Unlocking the True Worth of Your Business

Unveiling the market approach valuation formula for determining business worth with precision in California. Are you a business owner in California looking to accurately assess the value of your company?  As an entrepreneur, your business is not just a source of income; it’s a culmination of your hard work, dedication, and dreams. Understanding its true […]

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Business Valuation Formula: Unlock Income Approach Calculations

Unlock the secret to accurately valuing your business and making informed financial decisions by using the different income approach calculations. Discover the power of the Business Valuation Formula, a game-changer in the world of finance.  With its focus on the Income Approach, this formula unravels the intricate calculations that determine the true worth of your […]

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Why Would Someone Sell A Profitable Business: Clinical Laboratory Company

If you’re a clinical laboratory company in California with a proven track record of quality service and profitability, now is the time to seize the opportunity. 2023 presents a unique chance for you to position yourself for success in a fiercely competitive market. With a multitude of buyers vying for supremacy, the battle for innovation […]

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EBITDA Multiple For Manufacturing Companies Simplified: A Guide for Biomedical and Medical Devices Manufacturers

One of the most common valuation metrics for manufacturing companies is the EBITDA multiple. If you’re a biomedical or medical device manufacturer, then you know the importance of business valuation. Knowing your company’s worth is essential for decision-making and growth planning.   In this guide, we will explain how EBITDA multiple works and how it can […]

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Should I Sell My Company: Biomedical Device Manufacturer in California

2023 presents a golden opportunity for biomedical device manufacturers in California to sell their companies. With the biomedical device market booming and increasing demand for innovative solutions, there are numerous potential buyers ready to invest in quality products that solve market issues. It’s an exciting time for medical businesses as they prepare to strategize and […]

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How Many Times EBITDA Does A Company Sell For

Retirement decisions can be complicated, especially for Californian business owners! But lucky them – they’ve got the beloved EBITDA to help guide their journey. By multiplying this value by a multiple (between 1 and 6 times) based on industry standards or recent market movements, it’s possible to estimate an appropriate sale price beyond profitability measures […]

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Is 2023 A Good Time To Sell My Medical Device Manufacturer In California

2023 is the year to make your move and sell/exit- especially if you’re a medical device manufacturing company with quality products that are solving market issues. With plenty of competitive buyers on board, it’s set to be an epic battle for innovation supremacy! Strategize wisely and let the games begin… Medical Device Manufacturers’ Revenue: Surgical […]

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Small Business Multiplier: A Guide for Retiring Baby Boomer Business Owners in California

Using a business multiplier for small businesses (ranges from 1x to 5x seller discretionary earnings or SDE) is a quick way to find your small business valuation and its worth.  As a California retiring business owner, you might be asking yourself this question: “what’s my company’s worth”?  The business multiplier method calculates the value of […]

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The Average Multiplier for Business Valuation: A Guide for Small Business Owners in California

Use the average multiplier for business valuation by calculating the average annual earnings of the business and multiplying it by a specific multiplier. This multiplier is typically based on industry averages and can vary depending on factors such as the size, profitability, and growth rate of the business. When it comes to determining the value […]

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Business Valuation VS. Business Appraisal VS. Company’s Worth | Explained

When it comes to assessing the value of a business, there is often much confusion around what exactly is meant by terms such as ‘business valuation’, ‘business appraisal’, and ‘company’s worth.’ Although they are all concerned with obtaining an estimation of the current market value of a business, each one is a distinct process with […]

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Preparing Your Business for Sale: 5 Keys to Market Readiness

Preparing a business for sale is an important task that requires careful planning and the right strategies. Whether you are looking to exit the market, or just turn a profit, it’s essential to ensure your business is ready for potential buyers. Market readiness involves understanding what buyers look for and implementing key steps aimed at […]

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This Quick Guide Will Help You Decide if You Should Buy or Start a Transportation Business

Owning a high-performing business is the dream life for several entrepreneurs. But one of the core decisions that has always been a pressing one for entrepreneurs is deciding whether they should start a business from scratch or buy and develop an existing one. And although it may look more expensive to buy a transportation business, […]

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What Is A Business Broker For Retiring Business Owners

To understand what is a business broker, we need to understand the types of brokers first. A business broker helps retiring business owners in California with revenues under $1 million to get their business ready before putting the company up for sale. If your business happens to generate $5 million to $50 million in yearly […]

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Sell My Managed Security Service Provider Business: Get Maximum Price

If you’re selling your managed security service provider business, it’s important to understand the process to get the maximum price. Here are some key steps to keep in mind when selling your MSP business in California. 1. Know the value of your business. The first step is understanding how much your business is worth. Many […]

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Selling A Managed Security Service Company: Get An IT Business Broker

If you’re thinking about selling your managed security service company, it’s important to hire a professional IT business broker to help you through the process. A managed security service company is a type of business that provides internet and computer security services to clients. This can include things like managed firewall services, managed intrusion detection, […]

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How To Sell My CSP Cloud Business in California: 3 Steps To Get Started

If you’re a managed cloud service provider (CSP Cloud) in California, there are a few key things you need to know about selling your business. First and foremost, it’s important to understand the process of selling a business in California. This includes understanding the law, getting professional help, and preparing your business for sale. Managed […]

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Sell My Business | Broker Near Me | Sacramento, California

If you are saying “sell my business with a broker”, then, hire Rogerson Business Services in Northern California to help you navigate smoothly the valuation and selling process, list your business confidentially, and get the most out of your business sale. Work with a trusted and experienced business intermediary who knows how to maximize your […]

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HVAC Business Broker | Why Hire Help

An HVAC business broker can provide valuable assistance in valuing your business and marketing it to potential buyers. HVAC business brokers have a wide network of contacts and can provide invaluable guidance throughout the selling process. If you’re thinking of selling your HVAC business, it’s important to get professional help to ensure that you get […]

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Financial Due Diligence When Selling A Business

When selling a business, financial due diligence is crucial to ensure a smooth transaction. Financial due diligence is the process of ensuring that all financial records are accurate and up-to-date. This includes reviewing financial statements, tax returns, and other financial documentation. In addition, buyers will often have their financial experts conduct due diligence on the […]

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Seller’s Discretionary Earnings (SDE) Valuation | Selling a Business in California

A Seller’s Discretionary Earnings (SDE) is a seller’s net income before taxes, interest, depreciation, and amortization plus certain other discretionary expenses like the owner’s salary, benefits, and personal automobile expenses. The Seller’s Discretionary Earnings worksheet provides a detailed breakdown of how SDE is calculated. The Seller’s Discretionary Earnings multiple is used to value a business […]

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What is Quality of Earnings Analysis: Sell a Business Due Diligence in California

The quality of earnings analysis will provide qualified business buyers in California with a detailed review of the company they are purchasing, including an in-depth earning report that details how it operates and what its prospects might be. This information can help baby boomers business owners who are looking to sell their business and avoid […]

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Adjusted Financial Statements When Selling a Business in California

Adjusted financial statements are crucial If you want to sell your business successfully in California, you must showcase the health and performance of your business on your financial statement. Normalized Financial Statements In normalized financial statements, you eliminate expenses not typically incurred by the company to adjust the income statement for potential buyers. Future buyers […]

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SDE Adjustments To Make Before Selling a Business in California

Before selling your business in California, make sure you maximize its value with SDE adjustments and adjusted financial statements that will attract buyers and give you a better return on your investment. Adjusted SDE Definition SDE is an acronym that stands for seller’s discretional earnings. It represents a company’s net income before factoring in the […]

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Bulk Sale Agreement | Don’t Sell a California Distribution Business Without It

If you’re a business owner in California, and you’re looking to sell your distribution business, it’s important to have a bulk sale agreement in place. Otherwise, you could run into serious trouble down the road. In this blog post, we’ll explain why a bulk sale agreement is so important, and we’ll also provide some tips […]

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Heavy Machinery Appraisal | Best Calculations

Heavy machinery appraisal requires a deep knowledge of the valuation process, current market conditions, and the differences between heavy machinery. Ideally, a Certified Machinery Equipment Appraiser (CMEA) will be the one to conduct the appraisal. While there are multiple methods used, we identify the three best calculations for a heavy machinery equipment appraisal in California […]

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Why Hire a Certified Machinery and Equipment Appraiser in California?

Simply because appraising the value of used equipment and machinery is drastically different from appraising other property, there are five important reasons you should hire certified equipment and machinery appraiser in California. A Certified Used Equipment Appraiser Is Assured Hiring a Certified Machinery and Equipment Appraiser (CMEA) guarantees that you’re working with an experienced and […]

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How to Determine Fair Market Value of Medical Equipment in CA?

How to determine the fair market value of medical equipment is important to medical practice owners and physicians in California. Knowing your equipment’s fair market value (FMV) is vital in understanding your financial position and correctly fulfilling tax obligations. To help you determine this, we’ve identified three valuation methods that Certified Machinery and Equipment Appraisers […]

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EBITDA Multiples for Trucking Companies | Best Calculations

An EBITDA multiple for trucking companies is a tool to calculate the enterprise-level return on investment your business is performing. Placing this calculation against the industry standard for your area of logistics could show you how you’re performing compared to others in your sector and give you some idea of how much you need to […]

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How to Value a Professional Firm Based on Income Calculation

Based on years of experience and due diligence, Rogerson Business Services recommend the income calculation method for determining how to value a professional firm in California.  Valuation of a Professional Service Firm When calculating the valuation of a professional firm, you have to think about a lot of factors. Fortunately, service business valuation multiples can […]

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Hire a Service Business Intermediary to Sell Your Professional Business Quickly

A service business intermediary can help sell your professional service company in California quickly. Selling a service business can be daunting, especially if a business owner decides to go all the way alone. It involves tackling many things right from preparing to sell, initiating the selling process, and closing the deal.  Remember, you still need […]

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Business Intermediary: Key Reasons to Hire a Wholesale Distribution Broker

If you are a California wholesale distribution business owner looking to sell your business for the best price, continue reading to discover key reasons why you should hire an intermediary or a broker. What Is a Business Broker? Business intermediaries are dealmakers who will advise on and facilitate transactions involving the sale or acquisition of […]

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How to Use Revenue Multiple Valuation? Appraise a Distribution Company

There are three main methods for valuing a wholesale distribution company, but we’ve identified the revenue multiple valuation methods as the most accurate and effective one for wholesale distribution companies.  Revenue Multiple Valuation Approach  A business valuation determines the current worth of a business through an objective lens. When selling your distribution company, the best […]

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Best Calculations: How to Value a Wholesale Distribution Business

If you are selling your distribution business and need to know how to value wholesale distribution business, read on to learn some of the best business valuation techniques. How to Calculate Wholesale Distribution Business Value When you are selling your wholesale distribution business, you have to know the ins and outs of how to value […]

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How to Calculate Business Valuation: Manufacturing Business

The first step to take when selling your manufacturing business is learning how to calculate business valuation to determine your business’ worth. Below you can find more information on how to calculate business valuation. How to Calculate Business Valuation? Calculating the valuation of your manufacturing business is a complicated process. If you are not a financial expert, you […]

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Value a Manufacturing Business: Use Asset Calculation

If you want to value a manufacturing business, you must calculate business valuation by valuing the manufacturing business assets. A valuation is an assessment of the net worth of a company. In any business, there are assets, which are properties, equipment, and other revenue-generating entities. Liabilities are costs incurred by doing business. The asset-based approach […]

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Hire a Manufacturing Business Broker to Successfully Sell a Manufacturing Company

Hiring a manufacturing business broker to successfully Sell your manufacturing business for the best price is important for your financial future. That’s why you should hire an expert to handle the sale of your California manufacturing business and do business with business brokers.  A broker will help you sell your business by: Position your manufacturing […]

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Why Hire a California Business Broker to Help Sell your Small Business?

Selling a small business in California can be a big undertaking. Hire a California-certified business broker that can assist the business owner who wants to sell, and can mark the end and start of significant milestones.  The end milestones include deciding it is time to stop being a small business owner. This includes the intellectual, […]

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How to Sell your California Small Business Confidentially

Getting ready to sell your small business confidentially can be time-consuming, but it doesn’t always have to be.  Properly planning how to sell a California small business with a business exit plan will help you confidently pass your business into the hands of someone else.  A great business broker can make sure they complete the process quickly […]

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The Definitive Guide to Selling a Medical Practice in California

When considering selling your medical practice, there are a lot of things to think about. The field of healthcare is constantly changing, and government and insurance regulations largely affect this industry.  That means that to sell your medical practice, there are some things you need to do that make yourself appealing to buyers of all […]

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California Relief Grant Program | For Business Owners PPP Loan

California Relief Grant Program was made because 2020 was a difficult year. Especially if you were a business owner. Especially if you were a business owner in California, as you were dealing with COVID-19, wildfires, a difficult Presidential election, tariffs, and much more. If you have made it to 2021, congratulations. Perhaps you know some […]

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Running and Selling a Medical Practice in California

Running and selling a medical practice in California is different than in other states, but there are some similarities, too. People are drawn to California for the climate, the lifestyle, and the multitude of opportunities. If it were its own country, California would be the sixth-largest economy in the world. It’s no wonder that we […]

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7 ways COVID Permanently Changed the California Healthcare Industry

There is no doubt that COVID-19 or the Coronavirus, changed healthcare forever. Some of the changes were ones that have been long overdue but were accelerated by a global pandemic. Others were unexpected and have driven the California Healthcare industry to adapt quickly. Here are seven ways COVID permanently changes the California Healthcare Industry. Elective […]

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Proposition 24 and its Impact on Selling a Business in California

Among other hot topics this election season, California’s Proposition 24 takes a top spot as the proposition was adopted by California voters. This proposition, among other measures in the United States and around the world, aims to strengthening consumer privacy protections, third-party data gathering, and how consumers can control their own data and how it […]

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CA Dreaming: The Differences Between Running a Medical Practice in California vs. Elsewhere

As one of the largest economies in the United States, California is attractive to those seeking to run a medical practice for a number of reasons. With the sixth-largest economy in the world, if it were a country, a lifestyle and weather to die for, and unparalleled recreation, it might seem like a no brainer […]

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California Small Business Loan Guarantee Program

California Small Business Loan Guarantee Program is part of the United States’ unique Small Business finance program to assist with the selling and buying of privately held businesses and real estate.  These programs are under the administration of the Small Business Administration or SBA. Small businesses use the SBA 7(A)-loan program for business acquisitions. Similarly, […]

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The Legal Intricacies of Buying and Selling a Business in California

We often say that selling your business will take a team of experts. The business broker is like the quarterback of that team. He or she will make sure that everyone is talking to everyone else, and that all documents that need to be made available are handled securely and confidentially. There are also a […]

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Claims and Selling a California Construction Business

Unfortunately, a common occurrence in the construction industry and other contractor industries is litigation or a claim. A construction claim is usually a demand made by the contractor to the owner for money to cover the additional cost of construction work performed on a project beyond the original terms of the contract. Simplified, a construction […]

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The Square Root of Recovery: Alphabet Soup, Shapes, and The State of Business

As if you haven’t heard enough about the recovery after COVID-19, there are more theories than there are mask startups on Etsy. Normally if you read almost any economy journal, or the Wall Street Journal, and you take all the economist predictions and average them, you’ll get a pretty good idea of what might be […]

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Bounce Back: Coming Back from COVID-19 with Rich Mowrey

How do you handle the challenges of strange economic times? The truth is, even experienced business owners and other professionals who have been through recessive times before are struggling to come to grips with the current crisis. Enter Rich Mowrey, and his new book, Bounce Back: Survive and Thrive in a Business Crisis. First, let’s […]

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The COVID-19 Impact on Lease Negotiations and Selling Your Business

Some of the biggest news of the CVOID-19 era has been the delicate lease negotiations between landlords and tenants. With reduced revenues, tenants struggle to make regular rent payments but don’t want to lose their locations for when things normalize again. Landlords, especially those who also carry mortgages, cannot afford to be without rent for […]

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10 Things for Every California Business Owner to Consider Due to COVID 19

Every business owner has been affected in one way or another by COVID 19. However, the key is what to do about it. From employee, client, and customer safety to financial struggles and concerns, there are things you can do to protect yourself and your business. Here are ten things every California business owner should […]

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How Has the Coronavirus Affected the Value of my California Business?

Owning a California business has always been both desirable and different. Areas of great year-round weather and a laid back lifestyle have appealed to California entrepreneurs for decades. So has the potential for income, as were the state its own country, it would be the sixth-largest economy in the world. It was also one of […]

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Effects of COVID-19: Is it time to value and sell your California business?

One of the lyrics from John Lennon of The Beatles’ fame says, “Life is what happens to you when making other plans.” From March 16, 2020 in California, the Great Lockdown recession saw the closing of 6 Bay Area counties and the directives from California Governor Newsom to execute the closing of non-essential businesses, institute […]

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Selling Your Specialty Medical Practice in California

Selling your specialty medical practice anywhere can be a complex project. Many physicians, once they have opened their practice, tend to specialize in certain fields. This specialization offers several advantages over a General Practice for many doctors, and also makes the medical practice unique. In many cases, this can make it easier to sell when […]

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Cleaning Up with the Sale of a Janitorial Services Business in California

No matter what the time or situation, janitorial services are often in demand, in California and elsewhere. In light of the events of 2020, even more companies are outsourcing their janitorial and cleaning services to professional companies. Now may be one of the best times for selling a janitorial services company in California. Here are […]

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The New Argument for Domestic Manufacturing

Even before the latest COVID-19 pandemic began, various international moves like elevated tariffs from China and essential trade wars beginning, companies began to argue for domestic manufacturing. That started an interesting discussion in the California manufacturing industry and beyond. With a global pandemic putting countries on lockdown, and slowing the flow of imports and exports […]

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What’s After COVID-19 for California Construction and Remodeling Businesses?

For those in the construction and remodeling business, it is hard to know what is next and when for the construction industry. While in many areas where new construction was booming, things have ground to a halt. On the other hand, many municipalities are funding paving and infrastructure projects now, while fewer cars are on […]

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California Business Services and Social Distancing

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses in California are struggling with understanding which businesses are essential and which ones are not. While some cleaning services are considered to be essential, there have been debates about everything from landscaping to tree services. At the same time, since many businesses have closed, for the time being, […]

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Knocking Down Walls: Keys to Selling Your Home Remodeling Business

The construction business in California is extremely healthy, and when it comes to home remodeling businesses, companies are thriving. As the seasons change, people often want to make changes too, and that includes remodeling their home. However, you may be craving change as well and feel like selling your home remodeling business. Whatever your reason, […]

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Valuing Your Business Services Company: Why It’s Important to Get it Right

Service business valuation when it’s time to sell your business services company in California, the very first step is to value your business. This is true no matter what business you are preparing to sell. It makes sense of course; you can’t sell something until you know what it is actually worth. But why, exactly […]

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Why Now is the Time to Sell a California Manufacturing Business

There’s a lot of talk about manufacturing in the news, everything from trade and tariffs to Brexit and other current events, like the attempt to contain the spreading coronavirus. What all of it really means is that there are some great opportunities for domestic manufacturing companies. There’s really a no better place for these companies […]

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Being Environmentally Conscious When Selling Your Business

Today, consumers are increasingly motivated to do business with companies that are environmentally conscious. That means they not only comply with local and federal regulations, but they go beyond what is required in order to protect the environment. That means that business buyers are also looking for businesses that are environmentally conscious, especially Millennial buyers. […]

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National Trends selling a business in 2019: What they mean to you

One of the active places to list a business for sale is the national website BizBuySell has been active in the businesses for sale marketplace since 1995.  Because of their unique position collecting and presenting information to the public about the market to buy and sell a privately held business, here is the latest […]

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SBA Loans in 2019: What Sellers and Buyers Need to Know

The Small Business Administration issues and/or guarantees loans for small businesses, and getting SBA loans is one of the most common ways many entrepreneurs fund their dream of owning a small business. The process of qualifying for and getting SBA loans is pretty static, but interest rates, what loans and how many are approved, and […]

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Five Challenges Of Buying Or Selling An Auto Repair Business In California

When buying or selling a business, challenges inevitably arise, particularly in service industries like auto repair. Success hinges on finding the right buyer with the essential skills and passion to drive the business forward. A knowledgeable business broker becomes crucial in navigating these challenges effectively. 1. Finding a Qualified Buyer Identifying a qualified buyer involves […]

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Why Choose Rogerson Business Services?

Andrew Rogerson, the owner, and operator of Rogerson business services is no stranger to owning a business himself. Between the businesses he owned in his native Australia to those he has owned and operated in the United States, he has an intimate knowledge of what it means to run a business. He’s sold his own […]

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A Successful Sale of a Tree and Landscaping Business

There is a great quote that appears to have be attributed to different people. The quote goes as follows: “Experience is the best teacher.” Earlier this year Rogerson Business Services finally closed the sale of a Tree and Landscaping business that we thought would never happen. As ‘experience is the best teacher’, here’s have a […]

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Selling a business in 2018 is still bullish

Market conditions for selling a business in 2018 Selling a business in 2018 is still bullish on a strong M&A market for 2018. Optimism persists despite economic and political uncertainty about U.S. tariffs.  This is according to the Q1 2018 Market Pulse Report.  This report is published by the International Business Brokers Association (IBBA), M&A […]

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S-Corporation: Is It Right or Wrong for My Business?

As a business owner, you may see articles about S-corporation. These are corporations that elect to pass corporate income, losses, deductions, and credits through to their shareholders for federal taxation purposes. The shareholders of an S corporation will report the flow-through of income and losses on their personal tax returns; taxes are imposed at their individual […]

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Why Dermatology Sees Transformation in Practice Consolidation

Dermatologists who are considering the sale of their medical practices should know the latest information about their specialty area and practice consolidation trends. The majority of dermatologist practices (35%) are operated as solo practices or single-specialty group practices (41%). However, 15% of recent practice acquisitions by private equity firms (PEFs) have been dermatology practices, even […]

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Growing Trends for Middle Market Business Sales This Year

Middle market business sales with 2017 coming to a close, it’s an opportune time to consider what we’ve learned. Private equity firms raised over $200 billion globally this year as of December. By the end of the third quarter, the U.S. middle market had completed $233 billion in deals, according to PitchBook third-quarter data. This […]

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The Most Recent California State Business Taxes

California small business owners need to understand the state business taxes because unfortunately, the state levies higher-than-average taxes on business and personal income. Plus, California is one of the few states that imposes both taxes—business and personal—on small business owners who set up their businesses as pass-through entities like S corps or limited liability companies […]

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Keys to Medical Practice Succession Planning

Business owners who regularly read this column and other business resources know that succession planning is a critical component of business ownership—and for many physicians, it’s one of the most important decisions they will face—determining precisely how and when to retire from their medical practice. Unfortunately, there are plenty of physicians throughout California that fail […]

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