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Doing It Yourself Worth the Time?

Nearly two out of five small business owners say their time is their company’s most valuable asset, and one in four would pay more than $500 for an additional hour of work per day, according to a j2 Global survey. Approximately 44 percent of respondents related their time management problems to wearing too many hats at their companies, often performing five or more distinct tasks within the organization.

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PresenterBox for Business Marketing

Brian Sharp, the CEO of Go Big was my guest on 105.5FM and Money 2.0. Brian has a strong background in sales and marketing and has been speaking professionally for 6 years. During my conversation with Brian we talk about the different types of public speaking and how it can be instrumental as a marketing tool. Brian says public speaking can be anything from a formal presentation to a recorded webinar. He says it is all about establishing you as an expert in your field.

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Powerful Online Tools to Market Your Business

Stephanie Chandler, an award winning author, was the guest on my radio show Money 2.0 on 105.5FM. Stephanie’s expertise lies in sales and marketing techniques for small business, particularly online techniques. Throughout the program she shares what strategies have worked both for her successful publishing company, Authority Publishing, and personally as an Author of 9 books.



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