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Why Choose Rogerson Business Services?

Andrew Rogerson, the owner, and operator of Rogerson business services is no stranger to owning a business himself. Between the businesses he owned in his native Australia to those he has owned and operated in the United States, he has an intimate knowledge of what it means to run a business. He’s sold his own […]

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Basics of Buying a Business

Some people say that buying an existing business can be a shortcut to success. While that may be true, you should work with an experienced Sacramento business valuation consultant to help you make a wise decision, so that you can bypass some of the stressful and backbreaking efforts involved with building a business from scratch […]

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Smooth Transitions From the Seller to the Buyer

Without exception, the sale of a business from the current owner or seller to the new owner or buyer is exceptionally difficult. In simple terms, the difficulties for each party touch the ‘head’ and the ‘heart.’ For the seller, normally their greatest challenge is their ‘heart.’ They have been thinking and talking to their loved […]

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The Uncertainty Principle when selling or buying a business

The Uncertainty Principle, according to Wikipedia, is a variety of mathematical inequalities used in Quantum mechanics. As I have almost no understanding of Quantum mechanics I am unable to use it effectively except I heard it paraphrased the other day with an explanation that “the more precisely you study and learn something, the less you […]

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Buying a Business is a Smart Move

Surprisingly, in spite of the recession in the US, starting up a company is still proving to be big business. Recent figures in BusinessWeek.com confirm that last year, a staggering 12% of US adults started up their own business; either from scratch, or by buying an existing business or franchise; a significant and dramatic rise from the percentages of previous years.

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Applying For An SBA Loan | Application Tips

How do I apply for an SBA loan? Since the Great Financial Crisis started in the third quarter of 2008, small business owners have been squeezed with the performance of their business as they have been starved of access to credit. This starvation for credit would have been exasperated were it not the lending of the SBA through their different loan programs and the banks they support.

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Covenant Not To Compete

A Covenant Not To Compete is useful when a seller has found a buyer for their current business. This ensures that the new buyer does not open the same type of business as the seller for risk that existing customers will want to do business with the seller and not the new buyer. There are many factors involved to evaluate a Covenant Not To Compete and they are outlined in this article.



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    Buying or selling a business is a complex process – and you shouldn’t go through it alone. You need an experienced business broker to guide you through the process.

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