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Cleaning Up with the Sale of a Janitorial Services Business in California

No matter what the time or situation, janitorial services are often in demand, in California and elsewhere. In light of the events of 2020, even more companies are outsourcing their janitorial and cleaning services to professional companies. Now may be one of the best times for selling a janitorial services company in California. Here are […]

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California Business Services and Social Distancing

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses in California are struggling with understanding which businesses are essential and which ones are not. While some cleaning services are considered to be essential, there have been debates about everything from landscaping to tree services. At the same time, since many businesses have closed, for the time being, […]

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Valuing Your Business Services Company: Why It’s Important to Get it Right

Service business valuation when it’s time to sell your business services company in California, the very first step is to value your business. This is true no matter what business you are preparing to sell. It makes sense of course; you can’t sell something until you know what it is actually worth. But why, exactly […]

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National Trends selling a business in 2019: What they mean to you

One of the active places to list a business for sale is the national website BizBuySell.com. BizBuySell has been active in the businesses for sale marketplace since 1995.  Because of their unique position collecting and presenting information to the public about the market to buy and sell a privately held business, here is the latest […]

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Five Challenges Of Buying Or Selling An Auto Repair Business In California

When buying or selling a business, challenges inevitably arise, particularly in service industries like auto repair. Success hinges on finding the right buyer with the essential skills and passion to drive the business forward. A knowledgeable business broker becomes crucial in navigating these challenges effectively. 1. Finding a Qualified Buyer Identifying a qualified buyer involves […]

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Selling a business in 2018 is still bullish

Market conditions for selling a business in 2018 Selling a business in 2018 is still bullish on a strong M&A market for 2018. Optimism persists despite economic and political uncertainty about U.S. tariffs.  This is according to the Q1 2018 Market Pulse Report.  This report is published by the International Business Brokers Association (IBBA), M&A […]

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Growing Uptick in Californian Mid-Sized and Small Business Transactions

The most recent records of sales of small and mid-sized businesses in California shows a marked increase compared to past figures. The Q1 2017 numbers from BizBen.com, an index that records California’s small and mid-sized business data, found that the State of California saw a record number of small business transactions. Los Angeles City and County […]

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Selling Your Daycare Center

Working with children can be extremely rewarding. And while that joy can be an incredible high, it’s coupled with the daily stress of maintaining a facility, managing a quality staff, working with Local Child Care and Development Planning Councils (LPCs), and complying with local ordinances — as well as the laws and regulations specific to […]

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HVAC Companies in Northern California Set for Acquisitions

There are an increasing number of business owners in the environmental and facilities services industry who are preparing to retire. As a result, investors are looking at an industry segment full of opportunities for acquisition. There are also some other factors driving sub-sectors of business services towards consolidation. Let’s look at the details of HVAC. […]

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Negotiating a Lease | Buying or Selling a Business

For many small business owners, the single most important document for their business is the lease. Unfortunately a lease is generally a long and fairly complicated document. Because of its complexity, many small business owners either accept what they receive or do the bare minimum. Here are some suggestions for you, in no particular order.

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Selling Your Business to the Right Buyer

We’re all familiar with the story about Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde; the person with two completely different personalities. Just as there are different types of buyers with different motivations, there are also buyers with different types of personalities. If you’re planning on buying a business or if you own a business that you want to sell, here are some Dr. Jekyll “traits” that would discourage a seller revealing too much information about their business.



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