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The Definitive Guide to Selling a Medical Practice in California

When considering selling your medical practice, there are a lot of things to think about. The field of healthcare is constantly changing, and government and insurance regulations largely affect this industry.  That means that to sell your medical practice, there are some things you need to do that make yourself appealing to buyers of all […]

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SBA Loans in 2019: What Sellers and Buyers Need to Know

The Small Business Administration issues and/or guarantees loans for small businesses, and getting SBA loans is one of the most common ways many entrepreneurs fund their dream of owning a small business. The process of qualifying for and getting SBA loans is pretty static, but interest rates, what loans and how many are approved, and […]

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Five Challenges Of Buying Or Selling An Auto Repair Business In California

When buying or selling a business, challenges inevitably arise, particularly in service industries like auto repair. Success hinges on finding the right buyer with the essential skills and passion to drive the business forward. A knowledgeable business broker becomes crucial in navigating these challenges effectively. 1. Finding a Qualified Buyer Identifying a qualified buyer involves […]

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Why Choose Rogerson Business Services?

Andrew Rogerson, the owner, and operator of Rogerson business services is no stranger to owning a business himself. Between the businesses he owned in his native Australia to those he has owned and operated in the United States, he has an intimate knowledge of what it means to run a business. He’s sold his own […]

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A Successful Sale of a Tree and Landscaping Business

There is a great quote that appears to have be attributed to different people. The quote goes as follows: “Experience is the best teacher.” Earlier this year Rogerson Business Services finally closed the sale of a Tree and Landscaping business that we thought would never happen. As ‘experience is the best teacher’, here’s have a […]

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Selling a business in 2018 is still bullish

Market conditions for selling a business in 2018 Selling a business in 2018 is still bullish on a strong M&A market for 2018. Optimism persists despite economic and political uncertainty about U.S. tariffs.  This is according to the Q1 2018 Market Pulse Report.  This report is published by the International Business Brokers Association (IBBA), M&A […]

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Second Quarter Market Pulse Survey Valuable for Sellers

The Second Quarter Market Pulse Survey Report by the International Business Brokers Association (IBBA), M&A Source, and Pepperdine University’s Graziadio School of Business and Management found some valuable information for those business owners who are trying to sell their companies. The survey for the first time asked business advisors about how they market their listings. […]

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Sell My Medical Practice | 5 Don’ts For Physicians to Follow

Many physicians will need to face a big decision at some point during their career: the prospect of selling their medical practice. As Sacramento business broker Andrew Rogerson has told many of his clients, the sale of medical practice must be structured and executed to best attain the selling physician’s two primary objectives: (1) maximum […]

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Selling Your Daycare Center

Working with children can be extremely rewarding. And while that joy can be an incredible high, it’s coupled with the daily stress of maintaining a facility, managing a quality staff, working with Local Child Care and Development Planning Councils (LPCs), and complying with local ordinances — as well as the laws and regulations specific to […]

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Basics of Buying a Business

Some people say that buying an existing business can be a shortcut to success. While that may be true, you should work with an experienced Sacramento business valuation consultant to help you make a wise decision, so that you can bypass some of the stressful and backbreaking efforts involved with building a business from scratch […]

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Downtown Sacramento Partnership

The Downtown Sacramento Partnership is a private, non-profit organization dedicated to the improvement of Sacramento’s central business district. The Downtown Sacramento Partnership oversees maintenance, safety, and revitalization programs financed by the Downtown Sacramento Management District, a property assessment district established in 1995 and renewed in 2000. Valerie Mamone-Werder is the Business Recruitment Manager for the Downtown […]

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Sacramento Angel Investing

Graeme Plant says Angel investors are often retired entrepreneurs or executives, who may be interested in Angel Investing for reasons that go beyond pure monetary return. These include wanting to keep abreast of current developments in a particular business arena, mentoring another generation of entrepreneurs, and making use of their experience and networks on a less than full-time basis.

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Buying a Business is a Smart Move

Surprisingly, in spite of the recession in the US, starting up a company is still proving to be big business. Recent figures in BusinessWeek.com confirm that last year, a staggering 12% of US adults started up their own business; either from scratch, or by buying an existing business or franchise; a significant and dramatic rise from the percentages of previous years.

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Escrow and selling or buying a business

The process of buying or selling a business has many steps. These can include negotiating with the landlord, arranging third party finance, the buyer conducting due diligence to verify the representations of the seller, the buyer taking over the franchise agreement, the buyer using their 401k money as a downpayment to make the purchase of the business and many more.

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Applying For An SBA Loan | Application Tips

How do I apply for an SBA loan? Since the Great Financial Crisis started in the third quarter of 2008, small business owners have been squeezed with the performance of their business as they have been starved of access to credit. This starvation for credit would have been exasperated were it not the lending of the SBA through their different loan programs and the banks they support.

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Key Performance Metrics

Do you use Key Performance Metrics to run your business? One of the truisms I’ve come to believe wholeheartedly is that no business owner is good at every aspect of owning and operating a business.

To be a little clearer, the skills to own and operate a business are many and varied. What tends to attract a business owner to operate their own business is a self belief that they can do one or two aspects of running a business very well and either hire the skills they lack or learn these with time.

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Covenant Not To Compete

A Covenant Not To Compete is useful when a seller has found a buyer for their current business. This ensures that the new buyer does not open the same type of business as the seller for risk that existing customers will want to do business with the seller and not the new buyer. There are many factors involved to evaluate a Covenant Not To Compete and they are outlined in this article.

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The Importance of Intangible Assets when Selling a Business

It is important to know what tangible and intangible assets are in business. Knowing the difference and examples of each can help you with your taxes and the transaction of buying or selling a business. Assets can also be a legal matter, in which case it is important to know about legal protection and how they can help you in any business transaction.

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Do You Need a Business Valuation for an SBA Loan?

Getting an SBA loan hasn’t always been an easy task and some recent changes have been to require a business valuation in order for the loan to be approved. An SBA lender cannot provide this service, but a third part like a business broker can. The benefits of an SBA loan and reasons for hiring a business broker to help are outlined in this article.

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Emerging Business Model – SPICE

New business models are emerging that challenge the old assumptions about how to operate a business for profitability.

In the book “Firms of Endearment – How World Class Companies Profit from Passion and Purpose”(Wharton School Publishing), the authors, Sisodia, Sheth and Wolfe, provide many examples of how companies that take care of all the stakeholders – not just the shareholders – achieve significantly higher profits.

SPICE is their acronym for all the stakeholders:

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Selling a business starts with a business valuation

When trying to sell your business, getting an appraisal is beneficial for a number of reasons. Understanding what assets are part of the sale, removing any personal items that aren’t for sale and deciding the worth of your business with a professional ensures success when trying to sell your business. This article outlines the benefits of an appraisal and why it is critical when selling your business.

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Financial statements and business success

To understand your financial statement, you might consider an assessment of where you are right now with your business in terms of sales and goals. A Profit and Loss statement is useful when trying to understand what’s happening with your business and a balance sheet ensures you stay on track with all things going on with your business. These small steps help business owners understand where they are in terms of their financial statements.

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Productivity Plan benefits

So you’ve made your New Year’s resolutions which included building a business plan. This includes setting your personal and business goals. You also did a budget to make sure you can afford to do what you’ve planned. You are therefore all rested and dressed up and ready to go. Bring it on you say. My question is therefore, you know WHAT you want to do but HOW are you going to do it?

Chances are you have a list of projects and tasks you want and need to do. It probably doesn’t include answering phones, sending and receiving emails, reading articles and newsletters, attending conferences, staying on top of compliance items that affect your industry but numerous day to day activities that lead most entrepreneurs at the end of the day to say “Where did the day go?” And that’s the point of a Productivity Plan.

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The Benefits of a Management Plan

Buying or selling a business is a complex matter. There is no question about it. The complexities start from the moment a buyer and seller start interacting but there is natural conflict in place. For a start, the buyer doesn’t have any history of the operation of the business and so has to rely entirely on the representations of the seller. Conversely, the seller has lived and breathed the business, knows its upsides and downs including its strengths and weaknesses. My Golden Rule when assisting with a business transaction is for each party to put their feet in the shoes of the other party. In other words, the seller should see things from the buyer’s perspective and the buyer should see things from the seller’s perspective.

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Selling Your Business to the Right Buyer

We’re all familiar with the story about Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde; the person with two completely different personalities. Just as there are different types of buyers with different motivations, there are also buyers with different types of personalities. If you’re planning on buying a business or if you own a business that you want to sell, here are some Dr. Jekyll “traits” that would discourage a seller revealing too much information about their business.



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